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Franco-Australian Museum

Created by the Franco-Australian Association, the Franco-Australian Museum, unveiled the April 25 th 1975, is located on the first floor of the Victoria School.

Run by the association, the museum tells the story of the Australians during the First World War, particularly on the Western front in 1918.

400 m2 surface totally renovated in 1992 which holds :

  • a reception area with ticket office and small souvenirs shop
  • a big exhibition room comprising photos, uniforms, letters and personal objects, facsimiles of official documents etc.
  • a documentation area with numerous books on Australia, as well as its so particular wildlife and flora
  • a 35 seat video room showing, on demand, Australian war documentaries in English and French.

the museum will be openned on Saturday, April 25 2015 from 8.00am to 5.30pm !

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Victoria School

On the ground floor is the Victoria Hall with its wood paneling, carved by the Australian John Grant and its permanent exhibition of photos on the state of Victoria. The Victoria School was rebuilt after the war thanks to donations by children of Victoria. On the external façade two plaques (one in french and one in english) mark this event. In the playground, the following message is inscribed on the shelter : "DO NOT FORGET AUSTRALIA".

Ecole Victoria_Aude Carrier


The mairie entrance contains also many souvenirs of Australia (maps, posters, documents...). The town streets also refer to Australia as for example : Rue de Melbourne, Rue de Victoria, Place de Robinvale....

On the D168, on the way to the village of Cachy, there is also a small monument commemorating another event in the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux : the first engagement between Britisth and German tanks.


Franco-Australian Museum

Ecole Victoria
80800 Villers-Bretonneux
Phone/Fax : +33 (0)3 22 96 80 79
E-mail : museeaustralien@neuf.fr


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